Chez L'AutreChez L'Autre

Chez L’Autre, brasserie française

At Chez L’Autre, getting reacquainted with the traditional is an experience with a resolutely contemporary twist. From hanger steak with shallots to black pudding and steak tartare with French fries, Chez L’Autre offers the typical dishes of a genuine French brasserie in an ultra modern and elegant décor.

As the evening progresses, L’Autre Bar, an eclectic space right next door to the brasserie, becomes more and more lively as the party ambiance heats up. Both hip and relaxed, L’Autre Bar is the perfect place to successfully wrap up your night in the festive atmosphere of Le Capitole.

964, rue Saint-Jean
Québec (Québec) G1R 1R5
418 694-1199