Chez L'Autre

Benoît Landry, chef at the restaurant Chez L’Autre

Born in Quebec City, Benoît Landry has developed his passion for cooking and gastronomy when he was put in contact with the great variety of food available on the market while he was evolving in the world of grocery stores, exploring all of its facets.

After his training at the Centre de formation professionnelle Wilbrod-Bherer (renamed l’École hôtelière de la Capitale) 19 years ago, he obtained a traineeship at Le Capitole de Québec, a place he had never left ever since. He distinguished himself first at the banquet service then devoted himself entirely to the Ristorante Il Teatro, where he was second chef from 2002 to 2012.

When Le Capitole’s direction decided to open a second restaurant – the brasserie française Chez L’Autre – Benoît Landry was pleasantly surprised to be put in charge of it by Serge Gagné, the executive chef at the Ristorante Il Teatro and Le Capitole.

Benoît Landry is now helped by his spouse Marie-Hélène Saint-Pierre and by one of the most enthusiastic kitchen crew. At Chez L’Autre, he invests some of his lifelong passion for elaborate cooking made from the best ingredients.