Le Festival de Magie de Québec

May 4th | 8:00 PM

Le Festival de Magie de Québec


Le Festival de Magie de Québec

The International Magic Gala is an evening not to miss if you would like to attend one of the most grandiose magic events in the world.
Specially selected artists from 7 different countries will meet in Quebec City to offer you one of the most unforgettable and surprising evenings of your life. You will go through the gamut of emotions and be thoroughly impressed by the theatrical interpretation of these masters of illusion.
In May of 2019, we will welcome to our stage: Bill Cheung from China, Voronin and his son Max from Lithuania, Raphaël from Belgium, Nikolai Strieble from Germany, Timothy Trust and Diamond from Germany, Marco Zoppi and Rolanda from Italy, Norbert Ferré from France, hosted for the second year by our very own, and unforgettable Daniel Coutu from Canada.

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