Supertramp Tribute

Saturday February 23, 2013 at 8:30 pm

Supertramp Tribute

By Tramp Of The Century

February 23, 2013

More than 15 years after the breakup of the legendary band that has marked Québec, fans can once again experience the thrill of seeing Supertramp in concert. For connoisseurs of the band and fans of 70’s rock alike, TRAMP OF THE CENTURY promises a truly memorable experience with its two-hour-plus show.

Come and relive the great classics by Roger Hodgson and Richard Davies, including the most memorable material from the band’s heyday: from Crime of the Century, released in 1974, up to 1982’s Famous Last Word. Hide in your Shell, Asylum, Dreamer, Fool's Overture, Give a Little Bit, Rudy, etc., are just some of the band’s hits to be featured, revisited with unfailing attention to every detail for a performance that is true to the original recordings.

Ticket prices: $33.00 • $38.00 (plus tax)

Service Fees:
At the box office or by phone: $ 5
Online: $ 7


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