Made In Iron

Saturday May 25, 2013 at 8:30 pm

Made In Iron

Live After Death - The 1984 Iron Maiden Experience

May 25, 2013

MADE IN IRON present Live After Death – The Iron Maiden Experience 1984

MADE IN IRON is the resurrection of the World Slavery Tour, the biggest production of Iron Maiden at the top of their fame in the 80s. With a gigantic four-floor-stage, a sumptuous Egyptian setup, two Eddie (12 and 25 feet high!), not to mention the costumes, staging, and all the hits of the legendary album Live After Death.

MADE IN IRON is the tribute show with the largest visual setup in the world. One night only at Le Théâtre Capitole.

“Gotta great Iron Maiden tribute show happening in May for y'all... Fans can relive 1984 all over again as the most professional Iron Maiden cover band MADE IN IRON will be performing the most realistic Iron Maiden experience to date!! The tribute show is based on Iron Maiden’s 84/85 World Slavery Tour when the metal titans recorded their 1985 Live After Death live album. MADE IN IRON will have the stage move like MAIDEN, sound like MAIDEN and feel like MAIDEN!!! With all plans to be identical to Iron Maiden on that tour - DIG 'EM!!!”
- Brandon Craddock, CHOM FM

Ticket prices: $28.27 (plus tax)

The day of the show: $33.49 (plus tax)

Service Fees:
At the box office or by phone: $ 5
Online: $ 7


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