June 25th | 7:00 PM



* This event is special programming with distancing. A maximum of 250 people are admitted per performance *

Fast, technical, melodic: those are just a few words that the punk rock community uses to describe MUTE’s music. Considered by many to be a crucial staple in the skate punk world, the band has spent the last 20 years taking a 100% approach to bringing its music to the masses! Boasting five albums – Blueprints (2001), Sleepers (2004), The Raven (2008) et Thunderblast (2016) – over 2 million MUTE fans have watched one of the band’s official music videos.

MUTE has played more than 650 concerts in over 26 countries in North America, South America, Asia, and Europe: from small indie venues to the main stage of some of the world’s most prestigious international festivals! The quartet was fortunate enough to tour with famous punk bands like Rise Against, NoFX et Lagwagon, and to share the stage with legendary artists like The Offspring et Bad Religion .

Tireless and faithful to its devoted and hardworking DIY ethics, MUTE is still going strong. With a lot more touring to come, MUTE is, and will remain, a force to be reckoned with in the punk rock world!

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